Think About This

The Hard Facts

Think about this…………… 50% of businesses transition from one owner to another, through an outside event forcing change, if you are unfortunate enough to be one of the 50%, then it is likely you have left some chips on the table and not achieved maximum value for your business.

My advice to SME’s is simple, lift your eyes a little above the horizon and think about what you would like your exit from your business to look like, then set about making plans to make it happen. Preparing your business for sale doesn’t always mean you have to sell, by preparing an Exit Plan, you are also building a better business, which will allow you to transition on your terms and in your timeframe.

The first step in exit planning is to conduct a ‘Business Readiness Analysis’, which is a process of identifying value gaps in your business, the starting point for value creation.

We are experts at preparing Exit Plans and can help you if you ask………. good luck adding value to your business.

Ross Peden